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Wholesale Craft Supplies

Wholesale Cast Resin Figures
Wholesale Paper Mache
Wholesale Rusty Tin
General Supplies
  We currently stock thousands of wholesale craft supplies. If you are a retail craft business or professional crafter, you must check out our huge line of craft supplies, including many primitive and country craft supplies. Due to the large volume that we purchase directly from manufacturers and large scale importers, we are able to pass substantial savings on to our customers.

Pecan Shell Resin Figures

  We stock a huge line of over 1,000 different unfinished cast pecan shell resin figures from two primary pecan shell resin manufacturers and several original deisngers. We also have a large assortment of other resin figurines that can be special ordered. Some of the many categories of resin figures we stock include Angels, Birdhouses, Bosom Buddies, Ethnic, Lighthouses, Rag Dolls, Religious Figures, Pin Pals, Seasonal, Snowmen, Santas, plus many more.

Papier Mache

  We carry hundreds of different unfinished wholesale Paper Mache figures and objects. Some of the categories we carry include Baskets, Birdhouses, Boxes and Box Sets (including many items with Rusty Tin Accents), Housewares, Photo Frames and Albums, Seasonal (Christmas, Easter, Halloween), plus many more.

Rusty Tin

  In need of wholesale Rusty Tin supplies? We can be your primary source for Rusty Tin. We stock over 18 major categories of rusty tin products. Some of our categories include Banners, Bells, Birdhouses, Candelholders, Garlands, Hearts, Ornaments, Tin Tiques, and many more.  We stock over 200 unique  Tin Tique items alone.

General Supplies

  Of course, we also stock thousands of other general wholesale craft supplies including adhesives, craft paints and mediums, Craft Wire, Decorative Rings, Decorative Wire, Framing Supplies, Lamp Parts, Memory Books, Musical Movements, Picture Frames, Ribbon, Slate Plaques and Picture Frames, Stencils, Dremel and Xacto Tools, Wood Products, plus much more.

We invite you to check out our online catalog to view our complete product line and compare prices.    We are sure you won't be disappointed.
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