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Wholesale Paper Mache

Wholesale Resin Figures Wholesale Papier Mache Rusty Tin General Supplies
We carry a complete line of wholesale Papier mache' products.   Below is a sample of the categories of items we carry. Keep in mind that the categories and pictures of items shown on this page is only a small sample of the complete line that we carry. If you would like to see our complete line, as well as prices, you must open an account and have an online catalog user id and password.

Boxes and Box Sets

We carry a large variety of boxes that come in nested sets and also in singles. We carry many different shapes and sizes, as well as some specialty sets. These boxes are ideal for use in holiday designs, and as gift boxes. Their uses are only limited by your imagination.
Box sets
  Misc Geometric Shapes
Specialty Sets
  Dome Boxes
  Picture Frame Boxes
  Rusty Tin Accented Boxes
  Wide Band (Bentwood Style ) Boxes
  Woven & Woven Lid Boxes
  Wrinkle Boxes


We carry a large assortment of christmas ornaments in a variety of shapes and special figures. Listed below is just a small sample of the ornament categories that we carry. Also, the pictures shown are not the only items within the categories listed. Please check our online catalog for our complete line of paper mache ornaments.

Other Major Categories

Since the variety of paper mache items we carry is quite extensive, we can't even begin to list and show all the different categories and sub-categories of items on this page. However, below is a list of the remaining major categories or papier mache' items that we stock. Most of these additional categories have at least 20 different items in each category.
  Baskets, Bags, and Columns
  Faux Slates
  Flower Pots
  Photo Frames and Albums
  Seasonal (Xmas, Easter, Halloween)
  Start and Hearts
  Suns and Moons

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