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Wholesale Resin Figures

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We carry the full line of cast Pecan Shell Resin Figures from Phase II and the Craft-Tex wild life line.   Some of the items from these manufacturers are special order. The resin manufacturers typically make these pieces after an order is placed. Thus, when an item is ordered, the manufacturer requires us to order a minimum quantity of each piece. If one of our customers special orders an item, we will typically order enough to stock the item for future orders. We do NOT require minimum order quantities from our customers, even on special order pieces. However, if an item must be special ordered, please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.

We also have some limited edition pieces from designers and manufacturers that are no longer in business and where another manufacturer did not purchase their designs. We ordered all of these pieces before they stopped production and we believe we are the only distributor that still has any of these items in stock. The discontinued designer lines in which we still have some pieces include Mary Darrow, Wood World, and Brileyco.   Our online catalog only shows the items from these lines that we still have in stock. Once we no longer have a discontinued item in stock, it is automatically removed from our online catalog.

The Phase II line of resin figures includes not only pieces originally designed by Phase II, but also other designers that have sold their designs to Phase II. These other well known designer lines that are now produced by Phase II include TNT-Athena, John Pleasants, Jim & Jan Shore, and Designs Americana.

Following is a very small sample of items we carry. We have attempted to make the picture size as small as possible to speed download time. Of course, the item will NOT be painted, as we only sell unfinished resin figures.

Santa Resin Figure Boy on train Snowman Resin Figure
Drake Resin figure Santa Face Noel
Snowman with Sign Santa with Noah's Ark Pencil Girl Rabbit

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